Welcome to Speed Furniture! Experience the highest quality custom race inspired furniture available. Designed exclusively by Award winning European Designer, Henri Lenterman, Speed Furniture is visually breathtaking and the ultimate must have in luxury racing inspired furniture for the home or office. Using a cutting edge ergonomic design, and Performance engineering it is also manufactured using only the highest quality materials and components it is backed by an unparalleled Intro-Tech Automotive lifetime warranty. You’ll find an amazing selection of exclusive racing desks, chairs and accessories that’ll bring the thrill of racing right into your home or office space. Contact us Toll Free at 844-GO-SPEED for more information about all of our available automotive furniture products.

Automotive Office Furniture


Speed Furniture:

3961 Schaefer Ave,

Chino, CA 91710

Our support Hotline: 1-844-go-speed

  • Monday-Saturday: 9am to 8pm

We are also available at: speedfurniture@yahoo.com

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