Jupiter Bikes

Jupiter Bikes

The Bike that Fits Your Life

Jupiter Electric Bike v2.0

The Jupiter Electric Bike v2.0 makes bicycling easy. Get where you’re going at speeds of up to 15 mph for up to 10 miles. Thanks to its lightweight aluminum alloy frame, this foldable electric bicycle is easy to transport and store.

The frame design of the Jupiter Electric Bike is what really sets it apart: Most bicycle frames are built around a single horizontal girder, but the circular design of the Jupiter Electric Bike distributes the bike’s weight equally across the frame, making it more durable. Equipped with heavy duty 10 inch tires and waterproof casing, traveling in stormy weather is no issue. The Jupiter Bike can handle hills with an incline of up to 15º with no problem allowing your range of traveling to be broader than ever before

Discovery Electric Bike

The Discovery is the perfect size to give you a comfortable ride in the city or on the trail. The streamlined chassis and low center of gravity give you superior responsiveness and agility while riding.

It uses a form molded Magnesium Allow frame with no unsightly weldlines. High end materials and a low center of gravity make for the more stable ride. Folds down in under 10 seconds for transportation and storage. The built-in magnet helps it stay securely folded.

Add power to your pedal with 3 levels of pedal assist boost. The high torque 250w hub motor will have you speed up inclines and gives an extra push when you need it. Handle bars feature a twist throttle for even more speed, and the Discovery won’t let you down with it’s whopping 40 mile range.


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