Las Vegas SEMA Show

The largest automotive aftermarket expo in the world, the SEMA Show is a bucket-list event for any auto enthusiast. There’s just one problem, it’s not open to the public. So unless you can scam or bribe your way through the doors to check out over a million square feet of insanely modified cars, trucks and accessories, then coverage of the show is vital. Good thing we were there!

While the purpose of the show is to highlight new modifications, excellent show cars… and a few beautiful models, we set up a large display area that was a huge hit. So many people were impressed with the quality and design of our automotive inspired office furniture. We expected a good reaction to our products, but to be honest we didn’t expect it to be such a huge hit, people just couldn’t get enough and we ran out of flyers and cards in no time. Thanks to our friends at SEMA for helping us to make such a great impact.